Sunday, 14 April 2013

Can we skip tomorrow... please

Yes that's right today was the last day of the holidays so dad decided we should go out as a family. Now family outings usually end in arguments or some sort of conflict because no one can decide what they want for lunch or my brothers just being a usual moaner, so of course today was no different.

We went to The Turner Contemporary in Margate which is a charity art gallery. Some of it was interesting, its a great place to for information on these three certain artist which I really cant remember the names of (sorry) and had a wonderful view of Margate beach. However it didn't take us long to look around and with a whining 9 year old- not so great.

view from inside the building

After that we made our way to Herne Bay and got some delicious ice cream. I had Oreo cookie and its was divine! I was meant to take a picture of it but it was rapidly melting and my hair was going in it, not attractive at all.
Despite all that today was a shocking 22 degrees! I was in a state of shock when we could walk along the beach with no coat on and have the car windows down. Its so nice for it to finally feel like spring although I doubt it will last and I'm sure there will be some ridiculous snow warning soon.

So last day of the holidays: good. Now everybody has the joys of going back to school tomorrow (yay). Double PE first thing is going to be hell, I swear schools do it on purpose. Also its the dreaded English speaking test. Can we please just go straight to Tuesday.

This post will also be the last daily post on my blog as I wont have time when I'm back at school but I will try   to post perhaps in the middle of the week (the English thing will be over, yes), if not I will definitely post at the weekend. So goodbye from me now this blogging Easter has been wonderful and I will most certainly continue this blog.  Happy Blogging.