Thursday, 4 April 2013

Enough of the fancy stuff

There's a lot of fancy face creams out there that promise miracles and wonderful things. We are all guilty of buying something outrageously expensive because the advert uses celebrity endorsement or promise a benefit (media BTEC knowledge thrown in there) but here is a priceless product I could not live without...

...Sudocrem. Its not expensive at all and is generally a household item. You can buy it from almost everywhere and lasts forever. I mainly use it for spots because it helps them to disappear quicker, its not instant but does help. I also use it for the eczema I have on my hand, it makes the area less rough and reduces itchiness. When I was younger I had really bad eczema and my mum used Sudocrem so I would highly recommend it to eczema sufferers. In some places you can buy mini travel pots which are ideal to just pop in your handbag or take on holiday with you. The only not so good thing is when its applied to the area it stays white for quite a while if not rubbed in enough but to smother on before you go to bed its perfect.