Saturday, 27 April 2013

I Won An Award

Dress, H&M. Blazer, New Look. Shoes, Deichmann

At guides last night a patrol held an awards ceremony as part of their Go For It (You chose to do so many activities on a particular topic to then receive a card/badge). It was also to raise money for a charity so we paid £1 each. There was food and a party and then of course the awards ceremony which I won an award for dance.

It was a really good evening and I got complemented on my outfit which was really sweet (I'm so bad at taking compliments). I didn't actually wear the heels I wore my brown brogues but if I was going somewhere else I would definitely wear the heels, I love them so much! Plus they are really comfy. 

Not much else is happening I'm just up to my ears in revision so that's it. 
Bye :)