Saturday, 6 April 2013

Outfit of the day

           Top, Primark. Blazer, New Look.

I didn't really do much today my friend came round so I just put on some leggings and a top but I thought I'd jazz it up with a blazer. I'm so sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, I couldn't find my camera so I had to use my webcam which is awful. I'm looking into buying a tripod for my camera which will improve the standard of my photos (no mirror snaps). At the moment I've tried balancing my camera on boxes and keeping from falling over with lip balm pots which is not ideal at all. 

I gave my blog a makeover. I never really like the original it was a case of just throw it together so its not boring and has some colour. I still want to make it better by making some title type things on Photoshop however I tried today and it proved a lot difficult than anticipated. I think I'll try that another day.

Just a quick note I do own clothing not from primark. I feel that all of the clothing I've worn in my posts has been from Primark. I don't know why? It's just worked out like that. Oh well hopefully down the line I will compose an outfit with no Primark in it.