Monday, 8 April 2013

Walking around

Today me and my friend went out for a walk and encountered some sheep. It was amazing to see all the newly born lambs in which we named sheepy 1 and sheepy 2. As you can see we also saw horses down a small footpath. It was so nice to just walk around and see where we ended up because we really didnt have a clue where we were going but thats the best part. It feels like an adventure. It was also a chance to walk in my new walking boots which i bought because I'm doing the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, which I'm really excited about but also quite worried; We were out walking for about an hour and a half today and my feet were aching when we got home. For the expedition you have to walk for at least 6 hours or something so my feet are going to kill (ouch).  I guess I'll just have to keep going out on walks and practising.