Saturday, 20 April 2013

What a week/ Outfit of the day

Jeans, Primark. Top, H&M. Jumper, New Look

This week has been so stressful and tiring. I did manage to do my English presentation though. I wasn't very good mainly because I was so nervous and couldn't speak properly but I did it. I also went to an extra ballet lesson to learn a pointe dance for the show which is only 4 weeks away (ahh). It was so painful and my toes hurt the whole day after but you just have to get through it. Another quite incredible thing that happened this week is I got 34/35 on my media test. I was shocked when I found out but annoyed because I lost marks for stupid things. I lost half a mark for spelling 'ellipsis' wrong (I only put one l) and half a mark for putting 'reverse shot' and not 'shot/reverse shot'. Absolutely ridiculous.

Today was my mum's birthday and she asked for some make up so I bought her some. The only problem is I really like what I got her so I'm not sure how long it will stay in her make up bag.

Also today I've been working on my DofE skill. I chose to do sewing/ dress making and decided to make a stuffed heart to hang somewhere. This is the first thing I've ever properly made something well I haven't finished it yet but it will be quite an achievement. I've spent most of the time learning how to use the sewing machine.