Sunday, 26 May 2013

Laser Tag/OOTD

Top, New Look. Jeans, Primark. Converse.


Finally, and it's starting to feel a bit more like spring. So to start this marvellous half term it was my friend Lucy's birthday. She invited us all to laser tag and lets just say there is no hidden talent for that anywhere. I came second last then last, got shot 103 times, had about 12% accuracy and shot my own team more than the opposite. Oh well it was so much fun and I had a great laugh screaming in the younger children's faces to get out of our base; I apologise if I gave any of them nightmares; shouldn't have been in our base anyway. After that we went back to Lucy's house and had a sleepover which was also loads of fun. We didn't go to sleep until around 3am and I'm really un-talkative when I'm sleepy and when I've just woken up (sorry guys). It was really good though and I hope Lucy has had and is still having a wonderful birthday!


   p.s. 6 days until it's my turn. Lets just say 'and may the odds be ever in your favour'.