Friday, 31 May 2013

The 30 Day Snap


Hello there, tomorrow I'm joining the 30 day snap which Louise from sprinkle of glitter has organised. I think she is right it will be so much fun. I don't know if anything interesting will happen as I will be mainly at school but it will push me to look at the highlights of my day. It will also let me experiment with my camera more and find the inner photographer in me (I doubt it). 

I would like all of you reading this to join in (for full information click here) especially my fellow blogging friend Katie(+Katie Spender) from you Katie, you reading this, I tag you. You should check out her blog as well.

Lets hope I can keep it up and do this. Toodlepip  

Thanks to sprinkle of glitter for letting us use the images she has made.