Saturday, 29 June 2013

30 Day Snap #29 Charity Shop-Shopping

Well as you can tell I didn't find anything in the charity shops (okay the two that I went in) but I bought some simple cleansing lotion because it was buy 1 get one free in Superdrug well and pressure. 

Why I only went into two charity shops out of the 7 our town has? 
Okay so my parents dropped me off at the top of the high street whilst they went to the bottom to do some food shopping. I've been wanting to look in some charity shops for a while now because I'm hoping to find some things for my room. Anyway I already knew that I was very socially awkward and not good interacting with strangers so when I walked into a small charity shop with only 5 other people it got worse. I stood there for a while even though there was nothing, I didn't feel like I could leave straight away (I know I'm such an idiot). In the end I stood there for 5 minutes looking at the cutlery, plates and odd bits section. The looks I was getting from the elderly lady at the till. *shaking head*

Yeah, that was traumatic enough but of course it only got worse. I went into another charity shop, saw some people go in and thought good I won't be the only person. Turns out they were workers so they headed for the room at the back and I was the only person in the shop! Why an earth didn't the ground just eat me up then. The two workers at the till were very young as well and I could feel their eyes watching me because every 15 year old girl stands and stares (yet again) at the cutlery odd section for 5 minutes. Now I know why shops have music playing in the background, it definitely breaks the awkward silence and makes you feel more relaxed. Once I managed to move to the DVD section I saw a film that I have wanted to watch for a while now and it was only £2! Of course my stupid self couldn't even buy it because I didn't want to talk to the people. Why am I so awkward, ahhh. It was such a relief once I had finally left the shop. 

And Superdrug?
Oh, I only bought the simple stuff from superdrug because I made awkward eye contact with the lady at the till and I didn't feel like I could leave the shop without buying anything. What even am I? 

At least I now know never to go shopping on my own. Ever!

I'd love to hear your embarrassing, cringe worthy, self hating shopping trips in the comments below.