Sunday, 30 June 2013

30 Day Snap #30 The Final

The perfect way to end the 30 day snap challenge, with my best friend having a relaxing afternoon in the garden. This may even be one of my favourite photos throughout.

This challenge has been interesting and if anything made me realise that my life is quite boring and pretty much revolves around school. Some days I found it really difficult to find a photo so it was a quick spur of the moment snap before I went to bed, or a 'this ice lolly would look nice with some edited effect over it'. In some ways it will be a shame to see this challenge end but then again a relief. At least I can look back at it and know I have completed something and been a part of the blogging community. I'm really glad sprinkle of glitter (Louise) came up with this idea, she should be very proud of herself. 

If you took part in it how did you find it? 

Back to normal everyday life from tomorrow it is then. Happy blogging and I may not see you until next weekend. 

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