Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Well Overdue Haul

So at first I made a haul video but it wouldn't upload and I'm still not 100% happy with it, plus I've bought a few more bits since then so I decided to just do it through photos.  
Most of this stuff is what I've bought with birthday money and I've bought loads so here goes...


From the top going down: Jacket Next £16. Top Primark £4. Top H&M £5. Dress H&M £7. Dress Primark £5. Top Primark £3.50. Crop Top New Look £5. Shorts Primark £4. Sunglasses Primark £2.50. High Heels New Look £15. Flip flops Primark £2.50. Cosmetic bag Primark £3. Nail Varnishes Big £3 Small £2, Lipstick £2 all AVON. 

Overall my favourite buys are the jacket and the heels, I can't stop wearing them around the house, both were a complete bargain and the heels will be perfect for a party I have coming up in September. 

So happy I have lots of new clothes and it makes me feel all summery with two dresses. I can't wait for my holiday in august now. Roll on the summer holidays!