Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cinema and bowling in the same day :O

Yesterday I went to the cinema as told in my 30 Day Snap #28 then I went bowling with the guides. It was mine and Emma's penultimate (love that word) meeting which makes us sad but we've been there too long and Emma's 16 soon. Not all is lost though as we are going to help out at brownies and hopefully become young leaders.

Anyway I have done an OOTD for yesterday as I really liked it. 

Top and jacket, Primark.

As you may have noticed (you probably haven't) I have taken everything off of my wardrobe. If you look at other OOTDs you will see my wardrobe in the background is covered with random crap but yay because now it isn't. Don't worry not all was lost all of the important-to-me-crap I kept in a folder.