Sunday, 21 July 2013


Where have I been?

Well last weekend I was at DofE slowly dying from the scorching heat and  lost in the woods- not a good experience. However straight to the exciting stuff, I went to France with the school and had the most amazing time ever.  

Now yes, these are all of the pictures I took- I couldn't choose my favourite ones so thank god for photo editing sites to allow me to condense my photos into 6 collages. 

Despite having to be up at 4:45am it was 5674% worth it. This was very much a first-time-day because I had never been to france before nor ever abroad anywhere, I had never been on a school trip before, and never had so many people stare at me and take pictures. It was truly amazing. 

So we set off to the euro tunnel which was possibly the weirdest experience ever. Still can't get my head around how we were in a coach, in a train, in a tunnel, in the water. O.o When we arrived we went straight to Boulogne to a sweet factory. We watched the sweets being made from scratch to going through the machine. It was very old fashioned and no Willy Wonka factory but still interesting- oh and we got free sweets out of it!

From there we went to Le Touquet which was beautiful. We headed straight for the beach to eat our lunch and WOW. The nicest beach I have ever been to. The sand was perfect. The sea was perfect. Everything was perfect apart from the looks we kept getting (we were in uniform) and i had to scrounge 50c off of someone just to go to the toilet but hey perhaps i shouldn't have such a small/weak bladder.

After lunch we hit the town which was really nice. We went into lots of different shops but me and my friend Emily got distracted by the high end makeup shops (sorry guys). There were loads of restaurants with plenty of people sitting there. We became a distraction from their food of course and some man jumped in front of us and shoved a camera in our faces. Very awkward. Then the big challenge came and that was buying some ice cream. I thought i did quite well, she knew what i meant but I handed over a 10 euro note and I don't think she was too happy because she said something and had a angry face. Oh well I got my ice cream.

That was pretty much it for france. As soon as I got home I wanted to got straight back there again. I think I have fallen in love with france and I keep speaking french around the house (not good for my parents who only know english).

Apologies for the extremely long post.