Sunday, 18 August 2013

Haul Time!

It's that time already, I saved up a nice sum of money and hit the shops but firstly I would like to apologise because I haven't posted in ages. I've been so drained this past week and haven't had a day of rest until now. I also needed to catch up on my sleep because a Katie without much sleep is a very boring Katie with no inspiration or enthusiasm to blog.  Another note my recent posts have been very much lifestyle so I'm going to pick up on the  fashion-y ones and the OOTDs.    
*ramble over* So yeah heres a haul for you beatiful people out there. 

Primark £5                                                                                         H&M £5 (sale)
 I warn you now this top is very see-through                   
Crop top (but quite long on me) with a ram or goat 
but is a really nice shape.                                                           
face on it, I'm not sure.
Converse dupes from primark £7.                                       Rings both primark 50p and £1 (sale)
Necklace, I love it so much! Troll (Southend)                 Bag primark £5 (sale). Surprisingly decent, many
inside pockets, possibility of it being my school                                                                                                                      bag. 

Thought I would throw in my camp hoodie and top because I love them so much. The hoodie was ordered online and I bought the top at the camp site  I also own a top just like the hoodie with the inspire badge on it and groups on the back. To read about my KIJ experience click here.
Lastly I bought a MUA lipstick just £1! And a Maybelline great lash mascara £4.99.
Quick review: lipstick is really good considering the price it is but you do need to keep on top of applying it. The mascara is good the brush is very small but effective, the only problem I've faced is that by the end of the day I have mascara smudged underneath my eyes. 
   In primark I also picked up a pyjama set for £5 and they are very comfortable as all primark pyjamas are. 

I hope you enjoyed this haul I thought I would try something different by actually wearing the clothes to give you a better idea of what they look like. 

Oh yeah *light bulb above my head* I've just entered the world of instagram so it would be great if you could follow me, theres a instagram camera on the right here somewhere that you can click on and whilst you're there follow my blog on bloglovin or on google because it lets me know that people enjoy reading it :)  Thank you!