Sunday, 4 August 2013

KIJ13 #Day1&2

I have returned from what has been the most amazing camp ever so instead of telling you everything all in one big go and boring you to death I'm going to post this coming week each day about what i did. For example on Tuesday I will tell you what i did on the Tuesday at camp. Simples. 

Saturday 27th

We arrived at camp and put up tents. Its was a case of getting everything ready for the week and putting all bedding and luggage in the tents. We then got our ID and neckers which we had to wear at all times. Nothing else happened that day because the opening ceremony was cancelled due to thunder and lightning so we spent a relaxing evening in the marquee sheltering from the rain. 

Sunday 28th

A very early start of around 5:30am we were up and preparing for a day trip to London. It was really good fun although we looked like proper tourists with our bright blue jumpers and neckers. We walked around all of the touristy parts such as big Ben and Buckingham palace to then have a surprise. One of our guide leaders had written to 10 Downing street to ask if we could stand outside the door and have our picture taken, and that's what we did. They didn't tell us a thing and we were left outside the gates waiting for what seemed like forever whilst our leader spoke to the police guards. Eventually we were let in. It was really bizarre standing outside number 10. 

 Once we got back to camp it was time for the opening ceremony. This was absolutely amazing. All of our sub camp (Inspire) went to our main field and created lots of entertainment whilst we waited for the parade. All 6500 participants paraded into the main arena through the campsite in their sub camps. We made lots of noise and went mental. We settled down by the main stage and watched the less interesting parts of declaring the Jamboree open and the rising of the flags but then it was time for the party. One of the best things about Kij is the parties. They have such a festival atmosphere to them and there is no other way to describe it. They played so many good songs, old and new, and we danced the night away.