Tuesday, 6 August 2013

KIJ13 #Day3&4

Apologies! The Internet decided it wasn't going to work yesterday so I could do nothing. I was bored out of my brains. So here I am now catching up.

Monday 29th

So this day was activity day where you could walk around the campsite and see what they had on to offer. There was a range of things from crafts to shooting, oh and not forgetting the inflatable assault course. 
We were quite happy lining up for it and me and Emma were against each other. Everything was well  and we were speeding along until some stupid person thought it would be a good idea to knee themselves in the face. So there I am right at the last bit going down the slide and my nose is bleeding everywhere. Emma had gone already because as per usual she beat me so I've walked up the IST person and was like "excuse me, my nose is bleeding and I've bled on your slide". So embarrassing  She walked me over to the medical centre where I had to explain that I'd kneed myself in the bloody face.  The scout med was like 'do be serious'. How awful. I couldn't go back to that inflatable thing again. Every time we walked past I just kept my head down. Oh and I haven't been on an inflatable since- I'm traumatised.
That was it for that day, I was done. 


Tuesday 30th

This day was divided up into two sections. First we did carousel where there was different zones; faith, science and move. The science zone was alright we made smoke pictures and learnt about the heart. Just sciencey stuff. 
Then we moved onto the faith zone which was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. We played the game where you have to make items or words out of your body in a group of around 5 people. Then we did a thing on trust and who we trust most out of around 10 people for example, parents, teachers, god etc. After a talky bit about religion the people who ran this activity were a band so they sang us a few songs. They were really good and not bad looking either ;)
The last thing we did in the morning was learn the KIJ shuffle. This was a choreographed dance routine to 'Can't hold us' by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis,  that all 6500 people were learning so we could all perform it at the same time. May I just say I have nailed it and everytime I hear the song I break out into song and dance.  

After lunch we had team building. It was raining and miserable so I really wasn't looking forward to doing it but it turned out to be a lot of fun. We got put into groups of 12 with people we weren't meant to know, well we had to go in pairs first. So our group ended up having 6 girls from our guide group then 6 other boys; two Irish ones and then 4 from Maidstone which included these two boys called Dan and Rob who were very nice ;). Our team worked really well together and we got some difficult challenges to do for example all standing on a plank of wood and getting into height order without standing off of the wood. This got very close and personal with 6 people you've never met before. Then we had to all get over a piece of rope, oops sorry 'electric fence'. We weren't allowed to touch it and if you did you died. So Dan and Rob were extremely tall compared all of us lot so they ended up picking us up and passing us over the 'fence', then they took a run up and jumped over it bearing in mind that the rope was up to my chest. Funniest/scariest moment of my life. 
And that was Tuesday. 

      Sadly I was enjoying myself too much and forgot to take any photos :(