Wednesday, 7 August 2013

KIJ13 #Day5&6

So I thought I would carry on doing two days in the same post then I will be done tomorrow before I go away for the weekend with Emma.

Wednesday  31st

On this day we had Splash in the morning. Splash was when we went to a water activity site to do things like rafting, dragon boating and kayaking. First we did rafting where we had to tie the barrels on using a specific knot then bare the shake test in the hope that they didn't fall off. Luckily we passed and we were off. I think the most difficult thing was getting on and off the raft without it sinking. We made it anyway even if it did take us 10 minutes to get off.
After rafting we did kayaking. Now last time I did kayaking I was ill so had a fairly bad experience but I thought hey ho ill give it another go. Yeah I forgot how much I didn't like kayaking. I was so scared and there was so much water in the kayak. Oh well we soon got out and got changed to go back to camp. 

In the afternoon we watched a circus school who were something like the only travelling circus school in the world. They had a few good acts but they didn't really wow me. Maybe I've grown out of circus' and they just don't interest me anymore? Oh well it was better than doing nothing. 

Thursday 1st

This was another activity day so we could do things we didn't get a chance to do on Monday. After waiting for an hour for the 4x4 driving we decided it wasn't on so we did a few other things. We didn't do a lot though because it was absolutely scorching! 
In the evening we went to club 14-17 (couldn't think of a better name could they) for a beach themed party. Each evening they had a different themed night but we only went to this one. It was alright I guess, we got free drinks and ice poles. We met some girls who had left guides and gone to explorers and were introduced to their crazy friends, one of which stole my camera so I have many photos of people I don't know. We left there quite early and missed the foam party but we were extremely tired.