Thursday, 8 August 2013

KIJ13 #Day6&7

The last post on camp:( 

Friday 2nd 

Friday was festival day and it started off with everyone meeting on the inspire stage area and eating breakfast together. It was quite strange especially when just our group sang grace and then we got applauded after. After breakfast we had a Mr motivator session which surprisingly for 9 in the morning was fun and did get me motivated! The main aim of the day was to go around different sub camps and see what activities they were doing. Some did apple bobbing, others had inflatables (I stayed very clear of them) and there was free food. 
In the evening as this was the last night there was a festival/closing ceremony which was the best night ever! We dressed up and made sure we were colourful.  After some entertainment from the Nigerian people (they actually had really good music) and getting warmed up for the big party we paraded down into the main stage arena just like in the opening ceremony. There was an introduction bit and some facts and thank yous then the party kicked off. We had a band called the Talented who were very much talented! They did covers of a variety of songs and they were just so good. After they had sung their last song there was a fireworks display which was really good too. Once it had all finished I could barely speak from singing so loud and screaming. I feel sorry for the Guernsey boy who i was very closely squished next to for the whole night. 

Saturday 3rd 

The last day of camp. We took down numerous tents and ate about 5 left over apples which they overbought from apple bobbing. We then headed down to the main stage arena for the closing ceremony where the flags came down and the scarf was handed over to the next organiser who has the job of planning for KIJ17. We also had some special guests who were Bear Grylls and David Walliams!  Bear Grylls made a speech and then they both played a game on the mini stage. It was brilliant. Once it was all over we moved all of our stuff to the car parked and waited to be picked up and taken home. 

Overall KIJ was amazing and I can't wait for the next one in 4 years time where hopefully i'll be helping out (god i'll be 19!). I wish I could go back and do it all over again, I loved it so much! 

There won't be another post on here until Tuesday at the earliest because I am going to Southend with Emma tomorrow but I will be able to share all of that with you when I get back. 
Bye :)