Sunday, 8 September 2013

Blog Neglection

Yes, I hold both of my hands up in shame because I have neglected this blog for quite some time now and I apologise. I don't even know where the time has gone I've been so busy. One minute I'm at camp the next I'm back at school undertaking a pile of homework, 'Such fun' as Miranda's mum would say. But I am back and blogging again. 

So anything interesting happened in my absence?

  Well I have been on holiday to south Devon with my family which was stunning. We stayed at a very homely holiday park which was quite small but nice because you felt like a tight community of fellow holiday makers. It was situated in Brixham which has the prettiest little coves, an amazing harbour and lots of little quaint shops (not so good for the purse). It was one of the best family holidays yet, I wish I could go back tomorrow. 

Churston cove


I also got my exam results before I went away and I did really well. I got C in maths foundation, B for my science coursework, B in physics and A in chemistry. All the hard work, stress and revision paid off. Yay:D 

Talking of exams I've gone into the most important year of my life, year 11. It's GCSE madness! I've only been back 3 days and already I've been bombarded with after school revision session so my life is officially over. Only 2 out of the 5 days I'm at school I can go straight home. Hopefully it will pay off because I'm already done with this year. 

That's it for the moment the weeks have just flown by and I could do with another couple of days to catch my breath (and probably tidy my room). It's time to get back into routine and have my body function properly. 

See you soon where hopefully I will have some sort of organisation in my life ;) x