Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lookbook: Cut Out Boots

The joyous autumn/winter has arrived and I admit autumn/winter fashion couldnt get any better but the cold, dark and miserable mornings- not so great. So to brighten up those mornings I (my dad) purchased these lovely, most amazing, comfortable, beautiful cut out boots. Loving them is an understatement! I was so determined to get them I checked ASOS everyday to make sure they were still in stock. The main aim was to get them for my friends birthday because we were going to London to see Wicked and I knew that the day would be incomplete without them on my feet. Thankfully they arrived and I could wear them.
At first I was unsure on how to style them; sure I had a few ideas in my head but on an everyday basis, what could I do? This was alot easier than I thought as they practically go with everything. So heres what I came up with and if you're unsure on what you could wear your cut out boots with I hope in some way this has filled your brain with ideas, or not personal preference acceptable.


Top Primark

Top H&M

Jumper New Look
 I  really like them with leggings especially with them turned up at the bottom. I went with a grunge/ monochrome theme with the leggings but simple. I think that the boots make an everyday top and leggings look that bit more interesting when you've just chucked it on without any effort. If my beanie wasn't in the wash I would have worn that too to really complete the look.


jeans primark, jumper H&M, necklace independent shop 

Jeans, jumper, boots, statement necklace and you are done. This is my top autumn/winter outfit just thrown together. I would also try these boots with many different printed cropped trousers and skinny jeans. Bonus points- its really warm for the crisp mornings. 

Dresses/ Skirts

Top Primark, Skirt (I lie it's a dress from H&M that i'm wearing as a skirt)
 This is the outfit I wore to London and I enjoyed wearing it (if you can say you enjoyed wearing something). I love the colours and everything about this outfit apart from your legs get a bit chilly even with skin coloured tights. I also wore a grey cardigan with it and my green parka just incase you were interested.(Maybe  you were, maybe you weren't)

Dress Missguided
I bought this dress back in september for a birthday party I went to and wore black heels (backstory) but as my friend was having a birthday meal I decided to dress it down with the boots and grey socks. I adore wearing grey socks with these boots and I adore this dress. Its also the most brightest thing I own and is still a shock when I open the wardrobe and its right in front of my face. 

Boots New Look on ASOS £27.99- These really are the best things I have ever bought and for the price- what a bargain!!!

And heres a crazy photo because I'd finished and it was bloomin freezing this morning. Why I thought it would be a good idea, I don't have a clue! I'll get ill now. Yay. 
Side thought: LOOK AT THE MUSCLE ON MY LEG! :O  No joke it is actually there! 

Goodbye from me now before I ramble on even more. xx