Sunday, 3 November 2013

Feeling like you've revised but not revised.

Half term has ended, my exams are this week, CRAAAP! I feel like all I've done is revise but not actually taken anything in. Is it just me? 

You read all of these online tips about revision (instead of revising) but they all just say the same: 'make a revision timetable', 'do past papers', 'reward yourself after an hours of revision', 'don't do revision all  of the time, have breaks'. The list goes on but do they really help? Revision timetables just make me feel restricted and if I'm not in the right frame of mind at that certain time then nothing will be done. Trying to balance out each subject and fitting it around your social life- that's right not all of us teenagers are Internet addicts-well the majority are- when I'm not dancing or volunteering yes I am on the Internet but anyway- It's really difficult to plan it all out. I grant that it really does work for some people and that's great but for me, no! 

The beginning of the week started out fine. 1 hour of maths in the morning then 1 hour of English in the afternoon. The only problem was I got bored because it was repetitive and instead of sticking to this found myself procrastinating that whole dedicated hour by the mid week. Procrastination is a teenagers worst enemy.

I guess there will be proof in the pudding and when I get A's (unlikely) we will know that the revision was worthwhile and even though I don't feel like i revised it clearly did go into my brain. 

I am also counting writing this blog post as revision for the writing section of the english paper. You never know what topic will come up in the shorter writing task.

Wish me luck and if you have exams coming up too, good luck! x