Saturday, 14 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

*Before you start reading this make sure you are playing christmas songs in the background*

Christmas is finally upon us and this weekend Dad made the dreaded journey into the attic and got the decorations down. For me decorating the house and my room is the best part (apart from eating a ridiculous amount of food and giving presents) so this weekend I have been in my element.

On Saturday I started and finished my christmas shopping with mum. I love choosing for presents for people and then wrapping them up. I love giving gifts to people no matter what time of the year it is and if I had the money I would be constantly treating people. I really enjoy the excitement on someones face when they get the gift, that long pause whilst they unwrap the paper, then the reaction on their face. Eeeek i'm all excited now!

So as I said the decorations made their yearly appearance and the first thing I did was find my little christmas tree to put in my room and decorate it.
(Sorry I left the flash on the second picture, shhh) 

 It seems that I only took pictures of the sparkly stars, hmm.

In my room I have also put fairy lights on my fireplace because who doesn't want fairy lights in their room. They are so pretty and will be staying there after christmas. They reflect off the glass so light up the whole area.

I bought these fairy lights from asda for I think £2 but most places do fairy lights at christmas. Wilkinsons is another good place to get lights at a good price.

Another item which looks amazing at christmas and any other time of the year is your good ol' candles.They are so pretty and make the room smell nice.

So thats my room so far, perhaps it's given you a few simple ideas.

(This post is late! I had composed it but it still needed tweaking then due to a hectic life I wasn't able to publish last weekend when it should have been. Apologies).