Thursday, 2 January 2014

Highlights of 2013

Where did 2013 go? As far as i'm concerned we are still in 2012 watching london host the olympics.

For me 2013 hasn't been an easy year due to a loss in the family right at the beginning and realising sh*t exams are around the corner. However I haven't let it take over my year and have had some amazing times which I will never forget.

To begin with I started this little blog back in march and haven't regretted a moment of it.Admittedly it has been very trial and error and recently fitting it in with school has been a struggle but when I find the time I love it.

My friends have been a massive highlight this year. We have done so much stuff and I haven't stopped laughing! Now I could get soppy and deep here but I'll just leave it as I honestly don't know what i'd do without them and I love them soo much :)

Anyways, my top moments of 2013 are:

  • French trip with the school
  • KIJ
  • Imagine Dragons concert
  • Seeing Wicked
  • Holiday to Devon with family 

Many big things are happening in 2014 like exams, then results, then sixth form but more importantly I'm going to see taylor swift and going on holiday to scotland with the bestie. Oooh and prom!

2014 looks like a good year and I hope it will be marvelous for you.