Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hitting the sales

photo via instagram, be sure to follow me

I finally did it, hit the January sales and spent my christmas money and what better way to share my excitement than to write a little (or long) blogpost.
I've actually accumulated a lot of items so warning this post is picture and bargain heavy!

My online grab- I found these trouser on ASOS for only £13.50 reduced from £20. I wasn't sure about them but I ordered them quickly because they were selling fast and boy am I glad I did. I really do like them however they need altering due to my short legs and skinny waist but I can deal with that. 

I wasn't going shopping to buy leggings this just happened. The first pair were £6 (half price) in the Matalan sales but I only paid £1 because I had a voucher, yipee! I was super impressed when I went in there with the amount of reductions but fighting my way around crazy people wasn't so great. The second pair were £4 from new look reduced from £13. I'd looked at them online a few times but wasn't sure because I've never worn patterned leggings before also I think you have to be careful to style them right otherwise you can get some funny looks. I'm actually wearing them today as a lazy sunday outfit teamed with a white top and a cozy cardigan. The final pair aren't that interesting, just some sports leggings from primark at a price of £9 to wear for dance and when I go to the gym with the school- so much better than wearing tracksuit bottoms, ugh I hate them so much.

    This top is my favourite buy along with the patterned trousers. It's from H&M and was only £7 in the sale! I love it so much and can't wait to wear it (maybe even with the patterned trousers) and I want one in white if thats at all possible please H&M?

  The first top was a 'buy it for the sake of it' top. It was only £1 in primark so it went straight in my basket without a second thought. It's just another something to wear with anything. The black crop top... It was £10 from H&M and I saw a similar one with daisies on it and said wouldn't it be great if they did it in black, and they did. After bringing it home and trying it on I instantly felt uncomfortable. It was a lot shorter on that it looked and overall not what I was looking for. I'm going to keep looking for a black crop top and take this one back but it was worth a try. 

My final item of clothing is this jersey skater dress, £5 from Primark. I warn you now to get the size up. I took one look at the 10 and was like 'how small?'. The 12 fits nicely but is snug so if you didn't want it showing everything go up two sizes. It is a lovely day dress though!

This hat has already featured on my blog in my Winter wardrobe so have a look at that. It was £7.99 from H&M and I just felt I needed a hat like this in my life.

 Oooh I love this bag! It was £8 from primark.

My other favourite buy. Brown loafers only £6 in primark reduced from £12. I figured I was going to need some 'smart' shoes soon because of sixth form interviews and these were just perfect.

 My final buys were some beauty products. the unbeatable Rimmel stay matte powder and collection concealer, Some vo5 products, and a Gilly Hicks body mist. Ohmygosh they had them in there for only £5 and it smells delicious. Why can't I permanently smell of it, mmm. As you can see I've already used some of it and I'm going to have to get some more down the line but £10 or so seems a bit excessive, oh well.  

Now I didn't buy these mum did for me but I had to include them because they're so pretty. They're little material quarters; a pack of 6 for £10 on Amazon which I think is amazing because material is so expensive. I shall have lots of fun using them and I have a few projects in mind only we've got to get the sewing machine fixed but thats a completely different saga.

Well that's it! I have hit the sales and had my retail therapy for a while but I doubt it won't be too much longer before I feel the need to buy more. I'll find an excuse.