Sunday, 5 January 2014

Winter Wardrobe

Over this winter (I know theres more dreaded months) I've wanted to do OOTDs but haven't had the time and quite frankly haven't had the energy to take pictures. However this morning I woke up and went for it, no hesitation. I have chosen outfits which I love and worn repeatedly.

This outfit has been my main one. Some leggings, a top, statement necklace, cut-out boots and fluffy cardigan, done. And then theres the addition of the hat. I only recently bought this but I have incorporated it with all of my outfits really just to see what I can wear it with.

This outfit has also had its fair share of wear. It's been a go to when I haven't known what to wear, plus I can shove anything on underneath. I am in love with this green colour at the moment and every time I see something in this colour I am instantly drawn to it. I actually bought a vest top in this colour when i went shopping; £2 in New Look sale, bargain! 

I am in love with these dresses!!! Every time I plan to wear them I get really excited (I know weird). They are so cute and the capped sleeves are adorable. I wouldn't of said they were the best quality (they are from Primark) and they are very static when you first put it on but they are too pretty to worry about quality and for the price you can't complain. They do many other prints and if they have them when I next go to primark It's guaranteed I will buy another one. I wish I could wear them everyday!

So overall my winter wardrobe hasn't been too eventful but winter isn't over yet even though I have no intention of changing it up now. I'm ready for Spring! I wish I had delved into the trend of tartan but it didn't happen because I was broke. Urgh I need a job so badly. I also wish I had worn more skirts and something other than leggings or jeans. I think some patterned trousers are on the wish list for spring. Get out of your leggings Katie! Can I compromise with some black skinnies?

Fluffy cardigan £12, Jumper £?, Dresses £8 each, all Primark. Hat £7.99, H&M. Cut-out boots ASOS, click here to see a post on them.