Thursday, 20 February 2014

Taylor Swift RED

*sorry for the poor quality of pictures*

Taylor swift is amazing! Words can't even explain how talented this lady is and I was very lucky to see her at the O2 on the 02/02/14.

It began with the vamps (I didn't realise how much I loved them) who put on a really impressive performance. They kicked off the night and got us all pumped for Taylor. 

The moment Taylor came on a part of me died. It was so amazing and the sell out crowd was screaming. It gives me goose bumps just thinking of it. She sang many songs from the Red album along with some old ones like Mean. 

On the Saturday performance Ed Sheeran strolled up as a special guest so everybody in the Arena had huge expectations for the special guest to be him. She made a massive speech and everybody was murmuring "ed, it's ed". It wasn't Ed it was Sam smith. Heard of him? No I hadn't either but he was really good and I've listened to his song money on my mind many times now. He actually just released his song and it has gone straight to the top. It wasn't Ed but I can't say that it ruined my evening. 

One thing that blew my mind was the outfit changes and sets. Taylor swift is one sexy woman and can get away with wearing anything. The dresses were so beautiful and floaty (please can I have them).

It seems like so long ago now and this post should've been written earlier but I have either been too busy or tired. Finally I have managed to find a little gap in the the mayhem.