Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I made some shorts

Yippee I made something wearable. These shorts were made quite a while ago but I haven't blogged about them so its time to get all excited again.

I was roaming the internet for free downloadable patterns when I came across some quick and easy shorts to make. Patterns are ridiculously expensive these days but there are plenty of free ones on the internet it just takes a lot of searching and persistence to find what you want. So I found these shorts and I had dress ready to be cut up into something new. My nan recently gave me some clothes she was going to charity shop but we decided I could use them as material (very vintage).  Of course some of it was beyond vintage and just old but some didn't look too bad and was still good quality material.

So I turned this dress

Into these shorts

Which look like this 

Im very pleased with the end result and amazed that I have something after the sewing machine of course played up but mum was to the rescue. I can't take all the credit though as mum helped at most stages, I'm still learning and dress making is like a new language. I am getting there. 

Thank you to Elle Frost ( for her pattern as well. If you like style and are into a bit DIY I suggested you take a look at her blog. Heres the link to the shorts

Are you interested in making your own clothes? I'd love to see what other people make.