Monday, 5 May 2014

Seaside OOTD//Catch up

First things first: Gingham dress £9.99 H&M, Sunglasses Primark, Boots New Look on ASOS.

Today I sported my new gingham dress in the unheard of British sun. The weather was beautiful today and as you can tell we went to the beach (along with 90% of the public). To be precise we went to Whitstable and had a smooch around the town and a wonder on the harbour, then a stroll along the beach at Seasalter. In town I went into a bookshop and bought a book called 642 fashion things to draw which has things in such as "draw what your mum would have worn in her twenties" and "draw wonder woman's suit". I can already tell i'll be up 'til midnight scrawling away.
Then I came home and did a french paper which leads me nicely onto where have I been?

You've guessed it GCSEs and sorting out my future. Well it hasn't all been exactly that.

Easter was a complete whirlwind for me. My Aunty came over from Australia with my Uncle and cousin whom we hadn't seen for three years. We spent lots of time together in the first week and went to Canterbury for the day.
At the end of that week I was off to Scotland with Emma and her family so as well as seeing my aunty I was packing like crazy. We went for a week in scotland with a stop off at the Lakes for night on the way up and a two night stay at the Lakes on the way back. I won't go into detail of everything we did but what I will say is that it was amazing and you are in constant awe. We climbed many mountains and saw the most tremendous views. Unfortunately we didn't see Nessy despite our cottage overlooking the Loch but we tried.
Once I came back from Scotland It was straight back to school but my aunty was still over so that week was pretty messed up. Especially the fact that we went to Southend that weekend for a family get together and a farewell to my Aunty. This past week has been the most normal in a while but it's going to get hectic again.

EXAMS START ON THURSDAY!!!! I can't believe it. Where has the time gone? My real GCSEs. Ahhh. So for the next however long I will be in a cave made out of past papers and revision guides, squeezing in that last bit of extra information. You probably won't see me for the next 6 weeks but I'm sure it will pay off. Bring on study leave and an extra long summer!  

At least you are up to date (i think) and I got to show off my gingham dress. I just really enjoy saying the word 'gingham' to be honest.

Oh and if you're doing your GCSEs or any other exams this summer good luck!